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A very pretty sight to wake up to -- and a fitting send-off prior to my week on the West Indies island of Antigua.
One of the first pictures I took, of the heights behind our hotel. I liked the look of the three coconut trees in the background.
The view from one's lounge chair, lying back and looking straight up.
This is the underside of a palm tree, standing quite near the outdoor Carib BBQ patio behind our hotel.
Our first Antiguan sunset, taken at around 6:00PM (AST) near the Sea Sports stand; on Monday, February 1 1999.
The sunset from Tuesday, standing on a slope behind the dive stand, on February 2 1999.
More of the sunset Tuesday, February 2, just a little later and a little darker.
A little Buffett-inspired tableau, which I pretty much discovered as is. A tribute to the song "Lone Palm", also taken on February 2 1999.
At the insistence of my brother, I offer an alternate to the above: a lighter version, which he prefers.
On Wednesday, February 3 1999, we took a catamaran to snorkel off Great Bird Island. Here's a view from along the way.
Once on Great Bird Island I took these next two pictures. You can choose the look you prefer
The same as above, but centered to fill your screen.
Relaxing on the beach, abetted by Antigua's lager beer Wadadli.
Another view of Great Bird Island, with snorkelers and the Wadadli Cat and Treasure Island catamarans in the distance.
Taken off the starboard side of our catamaran, the Caribbean Queen, this is another Buffett-inspired shot.
The final photo from our snorkeling expedition, a close-up shot of Antigua's Harmonites who performed onboard.
Back to our beach, here's another sunset shot, taken on Wednesday February 3 1999.
Also from Wednesday, February 3: a slightly later shot, as the sun disappears beyond the sea.
Also taken on Wednesday, this photo is from Further down the beach, by the Sandals resort.
On Friday, February 5 1999, we took a taxi tour of the island. Up on Shirley Heights we had a great view of Nelson's Dockyard and English Harbour.
I couldn't resist. I drew this SFG logo in the sand at dusk on Friday.
Obviously Buffett-inspired, I raised quite a few eyebrows at the Carib BBQ, on Saturday February 6 1999, while I stood by my table photographing my lunch.
A small sampling of the Caribbean Sea as it hits the sand of Runaway Beach, Saturday.
More surf, and a view of the neighboring Sandals beach, Saturday.
Sunset on Saturday, facing the Rex Halcyon Cove beach.
A view of the Sandals palm trees, at dusk, on Saturday the 6th.
Also taken on Saturday, a view of Dickenson Bay, right after the sun had set.
More from Saturday, facing the Sandals resort, at after sunset.
Almost a reverse angle of above: by the Sandals beach, looking toward Rex Halcyon Cove again -- still on Saturday the 6th.
Commemorate the demise of a venerable old ballpark: Detroit's Tiger Stadium, in its last year. Taken April 22, from section 302. (Incidentally, at bat are the Boston Red Sox.)
Another shot from Tiger Stadium; obviously not during a game, but from a tour in July.

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Created February 8 1999
Updated September 16 1999