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  Friday, April 2 2004

    My apologies to you fans of the white hot Stubby downstream.  It had to be pulled.  And in this instance, it's a bad thing.  Even two days into April, the Stubster service had used up a gigabyte of bandwidth.  At that rate, the site would exceed its bandwidth limit and would be offline within days. Therefore, I've had to shutdown Stubster.  To listen to live Stubby music, you'll simply have to download the files to your own hard drive.

Tuesday, March 30 2004

    Sorry folks.  I've exceeded my bandwidth limit, which means no Stubby downloads for a while.  Then again, why should I apologize -- it's probably you downloaders who caused it, you blues lovers you!

Thursday, February 5 2004

    For those of you intending to go to the Stubby show at George & Harry's this Saturday, you might have noticed the Pub's website is saying "All Entertainment is CANCELLED at George & Harry's".  The band assures me this is in error, and their performance will go on as planned.

Sunday, November 10 2002 Lay Down Sally

    This song needs little introduction.  Written by Eric Clapton, Marcy Levy, and George Terry, it appears on Clapton's classic 1977 release Slowhand.  This
original version can be heard as a RealAudio file; Li'l Stubby's perfomance, recorded November 8 2002 with Mark Phillips on lead, can be downloaded as an MP3.  Sitting in that night was keyboardist Jim Noel, taking over for Steve Moenssen who has joined another band.  Steve's last night as a Disappointment would have been last night, Saturday November 9, but my birthday celebrations kept me from recording it.
    New pictures from the Friday show have been added to the Photo Gallery.

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Friday, August 2 2002 I've Got News for You

    Just got back from seeing Li'l Stubby at Dearborn's Homecoming.  They opened the festival on the Main Stage at 6PM, playing for close to ninety minutes.  Larry was almost late, Tim got chastised for swearing on stage, and I got another MP3 out of the deal.  Called I've Got News for You, the song was written by Roy Alfred and performed by Ray Charles on the 1961 album Genius + Soul = Jazz (
available as a RealAudio file).  This evening, Sam Adragna does vocal duties, and you can download it here. (3.5 MBs)
    Pictures from the festival can be seen in the Photo Gallery.

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Saturday, June 30 2002 The Detroit News

    No new music yet -- I don't plan on recording the band till August -- but I couldn't let this go without calling attention to it.  The Detroit News had a mention of the band yesterday, in Neal Rubin's column:
One of my very favorite local rock bands is called Little Stubby and the Disappointments. I've never actually heard them play, but any band willing to call itself Little Stubby and the Disappointments automatically becomes one of my favorites.
Pretty cool.  And either get that boy a CD or a seat down front.

Monday, February 4 2002 Little Wing

    Last night I put up some more pictures to the Photo Gallery.  And tonight I'm offering another song, Jimi Hendrix's
Little Wing (7.4 MBs), as performed by Mark Phillips.  The song was originally featured on Hendrix's second album, Axis: Bold as Love (released in 1968), and this original version can be heard here as a RealAudio file.
    P.S. For those of you making CDs from these MP3s, you're now out of luck.  The fourteen MP3s prior to this fit nicely on a disc; but with this latest offering we break the 80-minute barrier.
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Sunday, February 3 2002 Unchain My Heart

    Happy Super Bowl Sunday.  Yesterday, this groundhog made it out to a Li'l Stubby show, which means things are heating up.  I was able to record (most of) the show, so here's the first MP3 offering of the new year:
Unchain My Heart (7.1 MBs).  Here sung by Sam Adragna, the song was popularized by Joe Cocker, whose version can be heard here as a RealAudio file.  Hope you like it, and check back soon for pictures from last night's show!
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Sunday, July 22 2001 It's My Own Fault

    Here's one for you cable modem and DSL users, a massive 17MB MP3 of Li'l Stubby doing B.B. King's song
It's My Own Fault.  This song never fails to be a showstopper -- and not only because they usually play it before a break.  Grown-up, self-respecting women have been known to show up just in hope of having Tim serenade and talk dirty to them!  Originally written by John Lee Hooker, the song was adapted by B.B. King. Li'l Stubby's version is closer to King's, although singer Tim Versellie contributes his own material -- such as here when, on this MP3 version recorded on July 13 2001, Tim leaves the stage to sing birthday wishes to the wife of saxophonist Sam Adragna.
    For comparison's sake, here is RealAudio of John Lee Hooker's original version, recorded in 1952 (in Detroit), from his album House of Blues.
    And this is B.B's King's version, credited to King/Taub and here titled "My Own Fault Darlin'", from the 1961 album My Kind of Blues.
    By the way, more photos have been added to the Photo Gallery.

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Saturday, July 21 2001 Walk the Dog

    There was no bad luck (apart from having losing my table) when I saw Li'l Stubby again on Friday the 13th, at Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak MI.  As planned, I got to record the show, both on DAT and also on my brand new minidisc recorder. Here's the first MP3 from that show:
Walking the Dog (6.3 MBs).  The song was written by Rufus Thomas and released in 1963, becoming a top ten hit.  Thomas also wrote "The Funky Chicken" as well as numerous other "dog" and "hound" songs.  Now in his eighties, he is still performing and also hosts a radio show on WDIA (1070 AM out of Memphis).  His own version of "Walking the Dog" can be heard here, in RealAudio format.
    Updated: We regret to add that Rufus Thomas passed away December 15 2001, in Memphis, of heart failure.  He was 84.
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Tuesday, July 10 2001 Apologia

    It hasn't been a good time for the unofficial Li'l Stubby site.  I attended the May 19th show at the Blue Goose but wasn't able to get any photos or decent audio.  Plus people were having trouble accessing the MP3 files here.  Partly this was because of a U2 page I started, which was briefly popular enough to shut down my server space for a month.  Now, thanks to the help of Scott Stroshane, we've discovered some additional problems further complicating matters.  I've just finished correcting those.  And maybe I might see you at the Saturday show at Memphis Smoke.  Hopefully my luck with multimedia might start to improve!

Wednesday, February 14 2001 Treat Her Right

    Happy Valentine's Day!
    As our special present to you, Li'l Stubby frontman Tim Versellie has some advice on how to make this Valentine's Day extra special.  Actually it's quite simple.  You've got to be real gentle, you have to start real slow, and you have to
Treat Her Right (3.9 MBs).  Written by Roy Head and first performed with The Traits, the song became a #2 hit in the rock and R&B charts when it came out in September 1965.  Here's the original in RealAudio format.
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Saturday, February 10 2001 Diggin' on James Brown / Think

    Since I recorded both shows last weekend, I now have a wealth of the uploads just keep coming.  Since I'd last seen them, the band has been working on adding a few new songs to their repertoire.  Once such song is
Diggin' on James Brown (5.3 MBs).  Performed here by Mark Phillips, the song comes from the Tower of Power and their 1995 Sony/Columbia album Souled Out.  A RealAudio version of the original can be heard here.  Due to technical problems, the MP3 audio file is an amalgam from both nights.
    And, while I'm at it, I might as well include a little James Brown to dig.  Here's the band doing Think (4.9 MBs), a Lowman Pauling song first released as a single in May 1960 as well as appearing on the 1960 King/A&M album of the same name.  Here's RealAudio of James Brown and the Famous Flames' own version.

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Thursday, February 8 2001 Fire

    I couldn't wait to post another MP3.  This one was also recorded during the Friday show at The Blue Goose (Feb 2).  It's Li'l Stubby's version of
Fire (4.8 MBs), the song written by Bruce Springsteen and first made popular by The Pointer Sisters -- whose version can be heard here (in RealAudio format) from their 1978 album Energy.  Check out Tim's chorus pedal.
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Sunday, February 4 2001 Pride & Joy

    Back from my second of Li'l Stubby's two shows at The Blue Goose.
    Of course, I bootlegged this one too.
    So even in the midst of some horrible (and self-inflicted) computer trouble, I'm still offering another great audio file.  This one is Stevie Ray Vaughn's famed
Pride & Joy (5.8 MBs).  Saxophonist Sam Adragna took over lead vocal chores for a spirited performance.
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Saturday, February 3 2001 Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash

    The Stubby page is back!
    I was unable to make it to their big New Year's Eve show at the Blue Goose, but I managed to catch them there last night, Feb 2nd; and I'm planning on going back to see them tonight.  I bootlegged the show (as usual) -- so here's this week's (month's?) offering:
Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash (4.2 MBs).
    The song, sung here by bassist Larry Banner, was written by Jesse Stone (under the name of Charles Calhoun), who first performed it with The Clovers.  The song has also been popularized by Huey Lewis and the News.  Mr Stone was a pioneer of early rock and roll, who wrote songs performed by Bill Haley, Ray Charles, The Drifters, and Benny Goodman.  He passed away recently at the age of 97, April 1 1999.
    For the sake of comparison, here is "Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash" as performed by The Clovers, in RealAudio format.
    The Stubby page also laments the passing of James Carr on January 7 2001, whose song "Pouring Water on a Drowning Man" was the first item featured here.

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Sunday, August 13 2000 Knock on Wood

    I was finally able to make a Li'l Stubby show this month!I saw them at Memphis Smoke, on Thursday, August 10.  The band seemed pretty pleased with their performance, and I even heard word about their starting their own official web site.  It will presumably be located at "", but as yet is not up and running.  We'll certainly be keeping an eye out for it though!
    Now that arrangements are nearly over for more of my own web space, I'm able to get back to offering MP3s of our favorite blues band.  This week's offering is the Eddie Floyd / Steve Cropper song Knock on Wood (4.6 MBs).
    An example of the 60's Stax sound, this popular song has been covered by artists ranging from Otis Redding to David Bowie.  Li'l Stubby performs it on occasion, and brought it out again for Thursday's show, reminding me what great fun it is.  This particular recording is a bootleg from their June 19 1999 show at The Blue Goose.
    For the sake of comparison, here's the Eddie Floyd version in RealAudio format.

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Tuesday, August 8 2000 Tour Rumors

    The latest latest tour a disturbing rumor.
    Li'l Stubby will be performing quite a lot over the next few weekends, including return visits to Memphis Smoke, The Blue Goose, and Detroit's Key Club.
    RUMOR WATCH: There is talk that Mark Phillips, lead guitar for Li'l Stubby, will not be performing at the three Blue Goose shows in August and will be replaced by a guest guitarist.  Despite the troubling nature of this news, I am assured that it is actually true!  All involved say this a temporary measure due to scheduling conflicts and nothing more should be read into it.  Could the band be breaking up?!  When confronted with this question, bassist Larry Banner replied "No, we're just good friends."

Thursday, May 11 2000 Mustang Sally

    This week's MP3 offering is
Mustang Sally (4.5 MBs).  Written by Bonny Rice, the song was made famous by Wilson Pickett (whose version can be heard here in RealAudio format) and was also popularized by The Commitments.
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Saturday, April 8 2000 Why Get Up

    Time again for another update, and time to answer our first request.  A certain Li'l Stubby fan is asking for an MP3 of
Why Get Up (4.5 MBs).
    This week's MP3 comes from a audience recording from June 19 1999, when Li'l Stubby & the Disappointments were playing The Blue Goose, in Sterling Heights MI.  The recording features original (ahem) "Stubby member" Steve Moensson and his "Church of the Dancing Jesus". This also marked Steve's last night with the band.
    "Why Get Up" was first done by the Fabulous Thunderbirds, and appears on their 1986 Epic/Sony Music album Tuff Enuff. Listen to their version in RealAudio format.

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Saturday, April 1 2000 Shakey Ground

    I'm not sure if the band themselves have seen my attempt at a tribute site, but I've gotten some good feedback from others -- both those who've seen the band before and people who have no idea who Li'l Stubby is.
    It's been less than a week, but -- what the heck -- here's an update and a new audio file to start a new month.  This week's MP3 is
Shakey Ground (3.5 MBs).
    This song was recorded by The Temptations, backed by members of Parliament Funkadelic.  The song can be found on The Temps' 1975 album A Song for You.  The single hit the charts in mid April of that year.  Li'l Stubby's version was recorded Friday, March 24 (of this year).
    For your additional edification, here is the entire Temptations' version of "Shakey Ground" from their 1997 Motown Ultimate Collection CD (in RealAudio format).  (You can also download this fairly annoying "Shakey Ground" MIDI file, which I stole from Major West's Funk Groove Emporium.  And I hope you appreciate my restraint in not having that MIDI start playing as soon as the page loaded!)

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Tuesday, March 28 2000 Pouring Water on a Drowning Man

    My unofficial Li'l Stubby site finally takes the stage.  With this site, I hope to provide photos, video, and audio from selected Li'l Stubby shows.  I also plan to provide information on the band members as well as upcoming show dates.
    To start off, let's inaugurate the site with an MP3 of
Pouring Water on a Drowning Man (3.1 MBs). It was recorded Friday, March 24, at Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak, Michigan.  It was the band's first appearance there and hopefully not their last.
    This song was originated by James Carr and hit the charts in late October of 1967.  His version can be heard here, in RealAudio format.  It has also been covered by Percy Sledge and (most recently) Elvis Costello.
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