Brush With Greatness pt 8

      Back on Saturday, November 6 1999, ZDTV's Screen Savers, Kate Botello and Leo Laporte, made a personal appearance at Southland Mall, in Taylor Michigan. Back then ZDTV was just getting started, and our local cable system, Comcast, had only offered it for a few months. But the turnout was tremendous.
      The duo actually showed up two nights before, spending the 5th making surprise visits to local schools. And then spending the evening being hosted at Detroit's Whitney restaurant. (By the way, I have it on good authority that one Screen Saver downed plenty of lemon drop shots.)
      There were too appearances on the 6th, the first at Macomb Mall (I think), north of Detroit, and then southward to Southland. I used my connections at Comcast to go behind the scenes, helping out on the visit and also getting some decent photos and video. The visit began with a radio interview with radio DJ Doug Podell, shown below (the freelance videographer hired by ZDTV was none to pleased that Podell decided to shoot right in sunlight), and then the Screen Savers sat down and began autographing everything from shirts to people's hard drives.

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