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So far our federal grant has only allowed us one book, but at least it is in, and is accessible in the card rack below.

Love Charms

Copyright © 1996 by Mickey Asteriou.

This story consists of five "pages" of about 6 to 9 KB in length. To facilitate ease of reading, you can access its other chapters below.

Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

This is the Periodicals Rack of our newly opened Non-Fiction section.
Feel free to look around.


A Brief History of Commercial Insertion

I am Mickey's Record Deck

Poetry Corner

We offer you a smattering of humor, in the form of these three song parodies, sung to tune of

Cowboy in the Jungle


Don't Chu Know


Remittance Man

from the Jimmy Buffett albums Son of a Son of a Sailor and Barometer Soup.

Announcing the inclusion of a new work from guest author Mike Auquier.

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